Tip: Custom Keywords in Firefox


Here's a not so well known Firefox handy trick that will save you some browsing time. Specifically, you will be able to type a keyword followed by a argument in the address bar and Firefox will show you to the right page.
This is Pascal Chevrel which made me discover this trick at the MozFR weekend, in June 2012 in Paris. (I will detail you this event in a new post this week.)

First, choose a site that you regularly visit and has one arguments in its URL .
For example, we will apply our trick to the site http://dictionary.reference.com. When seeking a definition, we realize that the search word is an argument of the address of the page (Here it is "software"):
Admit it, it would be convenient to simply type "dict software" in the address bar, and Firefox opens that page alone, right? This is exactly what we will get him to do.

To begin, if it is not already the case, create a bookmark for this address (Click on the star in the address bar.)
By default your new bookmark will be in the unsorted bookmarks. To access: click the main menu of Firefox, then click "Bookmarks". In the left menu, click "Unsorted bookmarks". Go to the bottom of the page, your new bookmark is there, click it. A menu appeared below, click "More" menu. Now, in the "Keyword" field, add the word you have chosen for this shortcut. Here we use the word "dico".

Trick: Custom Keywords in Firefox - Step 3

Now you will have to change the "Location" field. Find the argument and replace it with "%S", like on the screenshot below. P>

Trick: Custom Keywords in Firefox - Step 3

Finally, open a new tab in Firefox and in the address bar simply type "dict umbrella" then press Enter.

Trick: Custom Keywords in Firefox - Step 4

Firefox will automatically open the page of the umbrella definition!

Trick: Custom Keywords in Firefox - Step 5

Of course, this is an example, it works for any other website. I use it myself every day by typing "bug xxxxxx" and Firefox shows me directly the page of the bug in Bugzilla. It saves me a lot of time when someone speaks to me a number of bug without giving link :)