Mozilla: My implication, past, present and future

I'll try to summarize recent Mozilla events, those I'll soon participate in, and my new areas of contribution.

MozFR Camp

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of June was held in Paris, at the Mozilla offices, the first weekend of work of the French-speaking community.
The objective of these two days was the reorganization of the community in various working groups, to address the departure of several longtime contributors. It was an opportunity for me, as for other new volunteers, to meet some people of our community. This allowed me to put a huge boost in my involvement with the Mozilla project as you will see in this article.
During the weekend of work, Pascal Chevrel (Web localization lead at Mozilla) has launched a call for the localization of Mozilla software in French (Firefox Desktop & Mobile, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Lightning). Although having no experience in the field of localization, I have offered my help and joined the team. I currently assume the translation with Benoit Leseul. Jean-Bernard Marcon (aka Goofy), literature teacher and longtime Mozilla contributor, re-read translations and open bugs on our Bugzilla, if necessary. I take this opportunity to thank him here for his work and his good advices. Thank you Goofy! Two months have passed, it's time for a quick report.

Mozilla localization

I like localization, it is going well and better than I hoped. I have, in two months, made over 150 commits (Nightly, Aurora, and Beta combined). The majority of which were done between June and July because August was a pretty quiet month. The number of commits does not mean much here, a commit can range from simply changing the name of a string to the addition of dozens of strings. We will say that these months were a training for my first big amount of work that will be the translation of Firefox OS, in September (hopefully). I will try to keep a steady pace during the school year in order not to get overwhelmed, because it can happen very quickly.
It took me a few days to get used to the localization, how to identify common expressions, to adopt the style, conventions regarding special characters, etc. Then I also had to familiarize myself with the tools and procedures, but it went fairly quickly, since procedures are the same as to publish a change in the Firefox source code. And then we must say that the French-speaking community, very savvy about localization, helped me a lot.
Speaking of that, Pascal has recently taken a very useful project to localizers: The Transvision. The Transvision is a glossary that allows Mozilla localizers to compare their work to keep an overall coherence. It is even more than that, because it can detect some errors, find in which file such a chain is, and more! You can also fork it on Github to use it for your projects, report bugs or suggest patches :) Pascal has cleaned the code, fixed several bugs, continues to do so and began adding new features. He advances so fast that version 1.3 has been released today! You can read the changelog here, and find more information about Transvision here.

I'm a Mozilla Reps!

Since early August, I proudly joined the ranks of Mozilla Reps, and this involves several things. Firstly, I can now speak on behalf of Mozilla to communicate about our mission, participate in or organize events, order goodies, etc.. Then, I must in return do my best to recruit new contributors, defend our values and document all my activities.
I have already planned to hold and/or to attend three events for the next three months :) First of all, the MozCamp!

MozCamp Europe 2012

I am invited this year to MozCamp to be held on 8th and 9th of September in Warsaw, Poland. This major event is intended to clarify the mission of Mozilla for all Mozillians, set the way together and we will follow up to teach things to each other . This year it will focus on Firefox (Desktop & Mobile), Firefox OS and grow Mozilla. It will be a very nice event where over 300 Mozillians, volunteers or paid staff, will attend conferences, workshops and exchange in a cheerful mood. I have already planned to attend the workshop by Tristan Nitot and Christian Heilmann, two giants of communication at Mozilla, which will teach us how to efficiently speak about Mozilla. Suffice to say we will be well-trained. There are plenty of other great workshops I would like to participate in, I hope they will all be retained and that I will have time to do everything!

The Mariott hotel and Fabryka in Warsaw

I would give more details on the event in September. And a lot of pictures! Meanwhile, an overview of the Marriott Hotel and the Fabryka where everything will occur.
The event is invitation-only, but you can see the Mozilla Wiki page if you want to know more.

Free Software Days in Lyon (JDLL 2012) & Toulouse (Le Capitole du Libre)

I will also stand in Lyon on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of November for Free Software Days, and in Toulouse the following weekend (Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of November) for Le Capitole du Libre. These are two big weekend of lectures and workshops on the open source world. Entry is completely free, so feel free to browse the events pages for more information:
- Free Software Days 2012 (JDLL 2012)
- Le Capitole du Libre 2012

Le Capitole du Libre, première édition First edition of "Le Capitole du Libre" in Toulouse
(Picture: Guillaume Paumier)

About Mozilla's presence at "Le Capitole du Libre", for the moment what is certain is that Paul Rouget will give a talk about Firefox. I'm trying to take care of the organization so that we have one or a few extra Mozillians and a booth to do support, talk about Mozilla projects (and make demos), distribute goodies (in general people love this part ;)), and why not convince some of them spend some time for Mozilla. I am confident it will be really fun!

You can regularly visit the Mozilla Reps event page to keep you informed of upcoming Mozilla events near you!

P.S: Thank you for the review, Frédéric Bourgeon!