French Mozilla translations Nov/Dec 2015

Since our team of volunteer localizers within MozFr produces tons of content, we thought it would be useful to create a little blog post summarizing all that. We will try to make it recurrent to give you an overview of what we're doing. A publication every six weeks would probably be the best. This first blog post will go through the activities from early November to date.

On October 24th and 25th we had a meeting with a few Latin-speaking teams who are localizing Mozilla products and websites, and a few members of the Localization Drivers team. Regarding the French team, we had the opportunity to talk about Mozilla goals for 2016, how we're doing as a team (team health), our needs, newcomers onboarding, and our workflow.

Group picture of the joint QA/L10N hackathon in Paris

In addition to that, we localized a few pages. Some of them were needed for the Fall campaign, kicking off with the Firefox 42 release:

We’ve also updated other websites during the event:

Snippets & Tiles

But also more than 60 snippets for about:home and 20 tiles for New Tab page. A typo slipped through the cracks, even after several pairs of eyes reviewed the translations. A Firefox user reported the issue and it's been fixed within a few minutes. Thanks to him!

Beside this event in Paris office, we localized more content!

Product localization

Firefox 45

* New Firefox Hello UI
* New "Synced tabs" button
* Push notifications (Feature availability notification, permission management UI)
* Tab Groups migration
* New strings for some certificate issue screens
* New screen for sites blocked by browser configuration.
* DevTools: New tool for memory management

Firefox for Android 45

* New strings for Settings reorg
* New strings for feature blocking on tablets (for family usage)

Firefox OS 2.6

* Add-ons update notifications and settings
* Firefox Sync settings
* Battery settings

SeaMonkey 2.42

* Miscellaneous string changes.

Thunderbird 45

* Localization of built-in chat commands. This release should be the next major Thunderbird release.

Lightning 4.6

* Meeting invites additional details
* Delegated events

Mozilla Foundation donation website has been fully localized in French:

We’ve localized a campaign for Firefox for iOS

We’ve reviewed press releases

We’ve translated some blog posts

We’ve translated posts on social media for December

This includes all posts published on our official Facebook page (540,000 French-speaking fans) and tweets sent through our brand new Twitter account — @Firefox_FR (6,200 followers).

French pages for SUMO

Between Nov 1st and Dec 13th, 154 pages were edited: mostly updates and a dozen new translations. We are permanently trying to catch up with updates that regularly flow in our todo list.

French pages for MDN

On MDN side, there have been approximately 300 edits on French pages since November 1st, mostly on Firefox OS pages and the glossary. Some new translations on experimental WebGL tutorials and fixes in the CSS section.

Firefox + You

November and December issues have been translated by our community then edited by our team. Note that this newsletter is read by almost 300,000 French-speaking readers.

Firefox OS + You

December issue of Firefox OS + You has been localized as well, it even includes a section "24 days of Apps" pointing to an Advent calendar published by the Firefox OS communication team from MozFR. This letter has just been sent out. Next issue for January will be proposed to collaborative translation.

Thanks a ton to our awesome translators who ceaselessly provide quality content for the French. The campaign kept us busy over the end of October / most of November, and I'm very proud of what we accomplished, together.
So… now that you see all the cool stuff we're working on, would you like to join us and be part of the next translations? We would be glad to get you on board, just get in touch with us on IRC on the #l10n-fr channel! All Mozillians and non-yet Mozillian are invited to take part in our #4 Locasprint in Paris office, even for a first contribution. Every newcomer is very welcome.