Joining Mozilla Advocacy team

I’m super happy to announce that I’m joining the Mozilla Advocacy team as a Localization Project Manager!

The Advocacy team has grown quickly over the past few months, and has started to stand up against more threats to the Open Web, in particular in Europe, to invite more people to fight for a free and Open Web. Getting those campaigns translated in many languages is key to have impact. I’ll help the team launch upcoming campaigns in multiple languages, taking advocacy specificities into account. It will be challenging for sure, and I’m very excited about it.
I will be based in London, please say hi if you swing by the office!

This blog post is also a good opportunity for me to step back a little to think about my life journey and what’s next.

I discovered localization with Mozilla four years ago, I learned a lot, I had fun, I felt useful, I have seen the impact localization can have. Now, it’s my turn to inspire more people and help them get the same experience, pushing Mozilla’s mission forward.

How I started contributing

I joined Mozilla in 2011 when I started building Firefox nightlies (Minefield, at that time) on my machine and fixing easy bugs in Firefox front end. On June 9, 2012, I met the Mozilla French-speaking community for the first time. Pascal Chevrel invited me, because he noticed my blog posts contained very few grammar mistakes in French, and the French-speaking community was desperately looking for new localizers for products and websites.

This is the first time I’m looking at a localization file. At this moment, I didn’t know I would start localizing them in French a couple hours later…

It took me a few weeks to get used to it, with the guidance of mentors like Pascal, Jean-Bernard and Benoit, but it went quite well and I still enjoy translating Firefox in French today.

Later on, in 2014, I’ve been offered an internship opportunity at Mozilla, in the l10n-drivers team. The work was so diverse and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve been lucky enough to do two other internships in the same team, in 2015 and 2016. I learned a lot on localization behind-the-scenes, l10n tools engineering, project management, community management… Really grateful to l10n-drivers for this invaluable experience, and happy to keep working at Mozilla on localization projects while exploring new areas within the organization.

What’s next?

I currently live in the South of France, so the first thing is that I will be moving to London over the next few days.

The second thing is that MozFest 2016 is around the corner, and my friend Alizée and I will be hosting two sessions about localization:

  • A first one called “Playful introduction to localization challenges” where participants will get a glimpse of the key challenges tackled by people who localize the products they use everyday. They will have an insight of the common mistakes they need to avoid when translating. Hopefully they will feel the same passion for high quality translation and will want to learn more about localization to make the Web more accessible.

  • A second one called “Localization quality assurance with Transvision” where we will demo Transvision, the localization QA tool used across Mozilla and created by the Mozilla French-speaking community. Francesco should also be there, and we may hack something live if people are interested.

We hope to see you there if you’re attending MozFest!